String Faculty

Wind & Brass Faculty

Piano Faculty


Anne-Marie Brown, violin
Roberto Cani, violin

Katherine Cash, violin
David Chernyavsky, violin
Jackie Coleman, violin

Kevin Hao, violin

Jessica Hao, violin
Clayton Haslop, violin

Thomas Kennedy, violin

Swang Lin, violin
LeAnne Morgan, violin
Ittai Shapira, violin

Ko Sugiyama, violin

Benjamin Thacher, violin/viola

Philip Tyler, violin

Julie Wunderle, violin

Rachel Galvin, viola
Hart Hollman, viola

Jason Bonham, viola
Ann Marie Hudson, viola

Kenny Kim, viola
Karie Prescott, viola

Michael Strauss, viola

Lawrence Figg, cello

Ismar Gomes, cello
Alex Kramer, cello
Eric Samuels, cello

So Sugiyama, cello

Kristen Wojcik, cello

Denson Angelo, bass

Travis Gore, bass
Matt Larsen, bass
Steve Molina, bass

Former, Current, & Prospective Faculty

(program subject to change)


Betty Condon, oboe

Kathryn Greenbank, oboe

Laura Griffiths, oboe

Chip Hamann, oboe

April Clayton, flute

Alison Griffiths, flute

Stephanie Pedretti, flute

Linda Bartley, clarinet

Ron De Kant, clarinet

Mitchell Estrin, clarinet

Calvin Falwell, clarinet

Jerry Flor, clarinet

Amy Gabbitas, clarinet

Dan Spitzer, clarinet

James Zimmerman, clarinet

Eric Ludwig, bassoon

Charles Ullery, bassoon

Alex Zdanis, bassoon

Jason Gamer, trumpet

Marc Reese, trumpet

Randolph Lee, trumpet

Chris Taylor, trumpet

Tim Winfield, trumpet

Teresa Bosch, horn

Mark Houghton, horn

Brian Jensen, horn

Larry Lowe, horn

Steve Parks, horn

Michelle Perry, horn

Robert Routch, horn

Corbin Wagner, horn

Russell Campbell, trombone

Doug Neirman, trombone

Ilan Morganstern, trombone

Steve Campbell, tuba

Jonathan Helton, saxophone

John Flanders, saxophone

Ray Smith, saxophone


Diana Aidos, piano

Mauricio Arias, piano
Sam Cardon, piano
Ruby Chou, piano

John Kamfonas, piano

Paul Kenyon, piano

Yoon Kim, piano

Craig Larsen, piano

Mirna Lekic, piano
Anthony Molinaro, piano

William Freed Peterson, piano
Ted Rosenthal, piano

Liang-yu Wang, piano

Rob Watson, piano

Composition Faculty


Douglas Knehans, composition​

George Thomas Marie, composition

William Freed Peterson, jazz composition

Eric Schmidt, movie score composition

Winton White, composition

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