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Musicians at a variety of levels collaborate and perform together. This unique approach provides an experience that allows for maximum growth, as a human being as well as a musician!

Giovanni Venezia, violin/viola - Las Vegas Academy


It's a good opportunity to meet other musicians and play challenging repertoire. I'm learning a lot and growing as a musician. It's a fun over-all experience which helped become more comfortable performing. After three weeks at UMF&S, I auditioned and won the principal viola position in the Las Vegas Youth Orchestra.

Valori Walker, viola - Las Vegas Academy

Rehearsing and performing with the pros really boosted my abilities and confidence. Students rarely make this much progress in an entire year of school. Practicing becomes a way of life!

Parker Sharp, cello - Wasatch High School


...offering an alternative to the well-known Marlboro Music Festival.

Salt Lake Tribune

Clearly the Utah Music Festival & School is a world-class music festival in our own backyard!

Senator Orrin Hatch

The festival is a great musical and social experience! Many of these students don’t often get the exposure to a such a high caliber of music making. It’s great for them to play chamber music with experienced faculty.

Desirée Ruhstrat, International Concert Violinist, Music Institute of Chicago Faculty, Lincoln Trio


Having attended many different summer music festivals in the past, including international festivals in China and Brazil, I found the Utah Music Festival to be one of the most fruitful and positive learning experiences I have had.


Wonderful faculty members not only teach but play alongside students in chamber music and orchestra. I learned a great deal musically, and enjoyed meeting students from around the country, forming some lasting friendships!


I played a variety of great chamber music pieces each week, and am proud of the accomplishment of performing a large amount of repertoire at a high level throughout my five weeks at the festival.



Through lessons with the faculty members, I was able to polish graduate school audition pieces and learn new ideas that are now part of my playing.  The many perspectives I received from the faculty on my repertoire, helped me play more artistically during my auditions.


It was heartwarming and inspiring to see the faculty and staff's great vision for sharing music with others. I am very happy to have been a part of UMF&S, and thankful to the staff for their selflessness, generosity, and inspiration in making the experience a wonderful success.


Linda Duan, violinist / pianist - M.M. CCM, DMA student Cleveland Institute of Music


The faculty at UMF&S greatly improved my technique and musicianship! The camradery among students and faculty is truly exceptional, and has helped boost my confidence as both a musicians and a person. Here you get to hang out with other musicians - at all levels - all the time.

Curtis Karwacki, cello - Crane School of Music M.M.

You get exposed to a lot of different music. And the weather's great! You have the opportunity to better yourself as a musician.

Josh Lynch, violin - Northern Arizona State M.M.

You can start at your own level and develop from there. It's a very friendly environment where you can be yourself. The scenery also is breathtaking. It's not only a camp where you can learn - it's also a great vacation. 

Dulce Gomez, viola - Las Vegas Academy

Our patrons mention the outstanding quality of the performances comparing them to those in New York City…our clientele receives an enriched cultural and educational experience... their music enhance s Park City and Summit County’s summer musical atmosphere!

James Dumas, Chef de Cuisine, Deer Valley Club

The superb concert with its precision and tone quality seemed flawless…the Mendelssohn with its brilliance of technique, and never-wavering unified concentration, held everyone spellbound.

Cohleen Bischoff, Temple Square Concerts

The festival makes the music experience fun, creative, and rewarding...they are dedicated to enriching the cultural & educational atmosphere in our community.

Susan Wymer, Park City Community Church

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