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The mission of the Utah Music Festival is to produce world-class musical events. By creating a passion for excellence among young, amateur, and professional musicians, the festival focuses on culturally and economically benefiting the host communities with an open and vibrant approach to the arts. Utah Music Festival & School’s educational objective is to cultivate and encourage current and future generations of professional & amateur musicians by engaging them in rewarding learning experiences and exciting musical performances. The festival enhances the musical environment of Park City, Salt Lake, Summit & Wasatch Counties, and Utah by making live music and the best in music education easily available and affordable to area residents and visitors.

Mission Statement

“Invigorating Park City’s, Summit County’s, and Utah’s musical environment by creating inspiring
and exciting Learning and Performance Opportunities for Today’s and Tomorrow’s Musician!"

  • Produce professional and youth concerts based in Park City, Summit & Wasatch Counties, with run-out concerts and educational workshops throughout the state.

  • Featured musicians will include Salt Lake, Utah, Summit, & Wasatch County students, adult amateurs, professionals, and nationally-known performers. 

  • Development of a Park City / Summit County Youth Orchestra, Choir, and Concert Band

  • The attraction of a high level of faculty and performer from Summit County, Utah, and the Nation to be featured in an eight-week summer music festival & educational program

  • Low faculty to student ratio implements faculty mentoring of students, offering students unparalleled performance skills and confidence

  • Students coach and perform with the faculty encouraging personal growth and responsibility to attain a high level of professionalism and artistic growth

  • Music enrichment and workshop programs provided for state-wide school assembly and music department programs

  • Public Concerts featuring Utah and nationally-known professionals – free to all students and children 

  • Amateur musician ensemble coaching and performance opportunities

  • Television & Radio Broadcasts of concerts throughout Utah and around the United States

  • The development of Park City, Summit County, and Utah as a “Cultural Destination Resort”

  • The preservation and advancement of traditional forms of music and the exploration of newly created musical works by living composers

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